Simple Reflections on Healing

Recently I have been working a bit more using healing energies to assist others from a distance.  The results have been pretty interesting and have given me and others the sense that there is good reason to continue.  Distance healing energy seems to work – somehow.  What confuses all of us and makes it pretty much impossible to do any kind of scientifically-controlled study is that there seems to be no way to control for all the many reasons why people are sick or well.

As a result of this and many other experiences,  I find that – again – the questions have come floating past me in the most personal of ways. . . Why is that person sick and I am well?  Why am I sick and another well?  What is this illness teaching me?  If I move through the disease and its lessons, what am I losing and what am I also gaining?

These inquiries in to the nature of disease, healing and our relationship with them both are vitally important.  No answers are forthcoming.  But simply a clear sense that openness to any outcome is part of the healing path.

A further thought is this:  Discipline, Intention, Gratitude.  These three words come to mind as I ponder the healing possibilities in which we all participate.  Since the healing process is so mysterious how do we understand our own roles within it?  How do we know if our contributions have any impact on ourselves or others?

My feeling is this:  if we bring discipline, intention and gratitude to the process, we cannot help but create positive results, whether or not they are exactly the results that we might desire.

We need to bring discipline to the process by being constant and regular with the generation and sending of our healing energies.  Clear, focused, positive intention is crucial.  Without this we risk being clouded or unfocused in our healing efforts.  And gratitude – always gratitude – remembering to be grateful for the chance to support others in healing, grateful for whatever gifts we have been given.

With these three elements, there is no question but that we will contribute towards positive healing outcomes on many levels.

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