More from Jurgen Kremer

I want to acknowledge that all of our healing processes have aspects of rigor and challenge. . . And moments of grace and spirit.

I share here another excerpt from Jurgen Kremer. . .

“How can we take charge of our healing?  The best way I know of is through prayer; here we speak our desire for healing.  The clearer we set our intent in a prayerful way the better; this gives power to the interconnected mind to seek healing.  However, if we speak our prayer with the voice of control, then we only empower the rational mind and strengthen the split from the interconnected mind; this can be the beginning of an unfortunate battle between our intellect and the ‘unruly’ body or heart.  A prayer has power through the quality of surrender; our healing intent needs to include openness to learning. . . This attitude does not assign blame, but it invites Spirit to help you.  You cannot command Spirit, you cannot command the interconnected mind.  But you can put yourself in the doorway and, when Spirit or healing or balance pass through, then your interconnected mind may be able to brush up against them, and the grace of healing may occur.”

May you all find yourselves in that open doorway with your interconnected mind open and ready.

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