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I am feeling drawn again to some of the work of Larry Dossey, reported in Richard Gerber’s book, “Vibrational Medicine”,

Dossey examines “a wide variety of medical studies that strongly suggest that prayer can indeed produce significant and measurable therapeutic healing benefits for patients who are ‘prayed over’, even at great distances. . . to provide a possible explanation for how an ‘act of focused consciousness’ might achieve healing effects, Dossey invokes a little-known area of physics dealing with what are called ‘nonlocal forces’ or ‘nonlocality’.  The quintessential example of nonlocal forces can be seen in the strange behavior of certain types of energetically paired particles or photons.  The odd but experimentally verified fact is that when you ‘disturb’ one of a set of two ‘spin-aired’ particles, the sister particle always changes its spin in such a way as to suggest that instantaneous communication was received concerning what has happened to it’s companion particle, no matter how far apart the two paired particles may be. . .

The idea of particles seeming to simultaneously ‘know’ what is happening to is paired companion particles has led to the theory of physics that the two particles must somehow be interconnected to so-called nonlocal forces.  These nonlocal forces are invoked to provide an explanation for this strange communication and action at a distance. . .

Since prayer is really an act of consciousness, Dossey argues, it’s likely that the mind itself is capable of healing action at a distance through non-local forces.”

(p. 366).

Whether you think of prayer as an act of consciousness – or an act of communion with God – it has been demonstrated through rigorous medical experiments that prayer, thought and intention have a measurable and powerful effect on healing.

My energies, carried through my thoughts and prayers, fly to all who need healing today.  Thank you for your generous contributions of energies and prayers for the benefit of healing for all.

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