A Golden Cord

Valerie Hunt, known for her long history of research and work with human energy fields (based at UCLA) has described her understanding of the healing transaction,

“Hands-on and healing by one’s presence emphasize the transaction between two people, each with an intent – one to become well and the other to serve as a catalyst.  I believe the best healer does not attempt to heal; that belongs to the healee.  But rather, the healer intends to present a positive, enlightened presence to manifest a strong, radiant, complete field to nourish and encourage the ill field to change.  Ideally, the transaction should reinforce the healing response with the desire to heal oneself.  This means that the patient must tap into personal strengths rather than weaknesses. . . The healer must provide a model of vibrant life.  Who and what he is, is as important as his ability to ‘run energy’, select vibrational spectrums, and direct it to the ill areas.  Such is a powerful charge.”

(Infinite Mind:  Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness, p. 267).

Some friends carry on a distance correspondence which could be called  “The Golden Cord”.  We are united by this cord which stretches between us, wherever we are.  When one of us needs support or love, they reach out to the other, who provides it.

I am sure that we are all connected by such a golden cord, that we are both healers and healees in turn, and that our healing work together and individually is creating a pattern of golden cords which unites us all.

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