Gratitude as Energy

In the many books and articles that I have read about the healing process, one thing recurs over and over again – the need for us as healers and receivers of healing (and the two are so very dynamically intertwined) to be daily and deeply grateful.  Grateful for all that we are and all we are able to do.

Gratitude seems to be such a powerful energy, helping to wipe away some of the cynicism and pain that we carry around with us; helping to remind us of all that we are capable of.

The Buddhist teacher, Sharon Salzburg, said this:

“In every moment of our existence, our potential is vast.  Inherent within us is an immense possibility for awareness, courage, dedication, and love.  However, many of us are conditioned to remain in a state of apparent helplessness, convinced that we cannot accomplish what we want.  Our hearts shut down.  We say to ourselves:  ‘I can’t do that, I am not capable of that.  I’m not strong enough.  I don’t have the ability’.  In time, theses beliefs about ourselves solidify into an image of who we are.  And we become bound to the part, to the ways in which we may have failed, and to an inner sense of not being capable.  Sadly, we basically overlook and discredit the power of our own great potential.  We forgot who we truly are.”  (A Heart as Wide as the World, p. 14).

And one thing that we truly are – are healers.  We all have the capacity to support the healing of others.  It has been said that our socialization, including cultural and religious training, have caused us to attribute healing potential to others, but to be afraid to claim it for ourselves.

I encourage you to remember that aspect of who you are, and to continue to send energy and prayers of healing to those that need them, knowing that the impact is real.

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