Brian Swimme, The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos

Briane Swimme, who explores how we can understand evolutionary cosmology, has said,

“The true significance of the discovery of the quantum vacuum is the new understanding it provides concerning the reality of the nonvisible.  I say nonvisible rather than invisible, for many things are ‘invisible’ to us and yet are capable of being seen.  Individual atoms are too small for the unassisted human eye to detect but such atoms can be seen if they are magnified sufficiently.  The nonvisible, on the other hand, is that which can never be seen, because it is neither a material thing nor an energy constellation.  In addition, the nonvisible world’s nature differs so radically from the material world that it cannot even be pictured.  It is both nonvisible and nonvisualizable.  Even so, it is profoundly real and profoundly powerful.  The appropriation of the new cosmology depends upon an understanding of the reality and power of the nonvisible and nonmaterial realm.

In contemporary physics and the nonvisible realm is not pictured or given any sort of geometric form.  It is rather depicted mathematically and is referred to with such words as ‘quantum fields’, ‘quantum potential’. . . For simplicity, I want to refer to this nonmaterial realm with a single phrase. . . I use ‘all-nourishing abyss’ as a way of pointing to this mystery at the base of being.  One advantage of this designation is its dual emphasis: the universe’s generative potentiality is indicated with the phrase ‘all-nourishing’, but the universe’s power of infinite absorption is indicated with ‘abyss’.

The universe emerges out of all-nourishing abyss not only fifteen billion years ago but in every moment.  Each instant protons and antiprotons are flashing out of, and are as suddenly absorbed back into, all-nourishing abyss.  All-nourishing abyss then is not a thing, nor a collection of tings, nor even, strictly speaking, a physical place, but rather a power that gives birth and that absorbs existence at a thing’s annihilation.

The foundation of reality of the universe is this unseen ocean of potentiality.  If all the individual things of the universe were to evaporate, one would be left with an infinity of pure generative power.”

(The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos, from p. 97-100).

It is this “pure generative power” that is available to us all for healing on both individual and collective levels.  Every time we consciously choose to do so, (and even when we are unconscious of our thoughts and intentions) we participate in that “all-nourishing abyss”.

May our thoughts, prayers, intentions, energies contribute to healing and transformation.

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