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Elmer Green and ISSSEEM

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

In a 2001 or 2002 collection of articles published by ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine) I found the following written by Elmer Green, Ph.D., who has, for forty years, studied the healing effects brought on by energy of various forms.

“Physicians and therapists who are only moderately technically skillful, but who are compassionate and caring, have a far better batting average than their superior-trained colleagues.  Reason:  The patient’s subconscious healing power (the placebo power) is activated by love, and turned off by an indifferent mechanical non-caring ambiance.  At the June Annual Meeting (ISSSEEM, 1999) Leonard Laskow talked about the energy that lied in each of us which, empowered by love, can be used for healing the world, but also this energy can be used for ourselves, personally.  After all, our own bodies and our own subconscious selves are a part of the world.  We need to love them too.  Once, after injuring my back by running down a mountain-side and landing on a rock, I thought, “Well, I’ll use the energy to heal myself.”  Consequently, for four minutes a day for one year I used an energy-based visualization to dissolve a piece of vertebral disk that, I felt, was impinging on the spinal cord.  It worked.”

(Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, Volume 10, Section 2, Page 110.)

The following has been said about Elmer Green, who worked out of the Menninger Research Institute in Kansas, “Green is a scientist who sought to quantify the practical value of meditative states, to prove the inextricable connection between the mind and the body in treating illness; and to provide a measurable technology – biofeedback – for accessing higher states of consciousness.  He is also deeply interested in people’s capacity to transform their lives in these states. . .”

I find the work of such scientists to be incredibly inspirational!

As I am always telling my children, the world is a marvelous and mysterious place.  We only understand such a small fraction of how things really work.

Staying alive to the mystery and contributing healing energy to the whole,