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“Ordinary People” as Healers

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

More and more I find myself asking Spirit – the Divine – that all my thoughts, words, actions might be nurturing and healing to others.  Of course, I fall far short of that mark countless times each day.  But there is something very uplifting about at least holding the hope and intention that healing on individual as well as global levels can be enhanced by each and everything I do and think.

In Infinite Grace:  Where the worlds of science and spiritual healing meet, Diane Goldner says, by way of summary:

“In healing, love is the engine.  Techniques are mere pathways.  I found that there are many genuinely talented healers, from many different paths.  I also found that healers are ordinary people. . .

Ultimately, what makes healing an important topic is not that it is about a unique group of people, but that it is an investigation that is relevant to each and every one of us.  The same qualities that elevate a healer’s work are also those that are transformative for those in all other walks of life.  The work of a doctor, a lawyer, a politician, a scientist, a corporate executive, a sanitation worker, a postal worker, a cleaning woman and, of course, a parent, will be similarly elevated – inspired, if you will – by anyone holding the intention for the highest good.  This is the real lesson of spiritual healing.” (p. 305-306).

Many of us – this day and this week – hold high intentions for healing and direct those intentions and accompanying energies to those who need them.  This is great and important work.