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Particle and Wave Meditation

Friday, May 21st, 2010

I sat this morning on my meditation cushions, hearing the sounds of the morning.

As I sat and breathed, I focused on two images.  On the in-breath, I remembered – felt – that I was a woman sitting on a cushion in my home.  I was aware of my particle nature – of my being a simple human being in the midst of a “normal” human life.

On the out-breath, I remembered – felt – that I am part of the energy forces of the universe, contributing in positive ways whenever I remember to send loving, healing energy to join those energies swirling around us all. I was aware of my wave nature – of my being energy incarnated in human form, but able to reach out and touch all other existing energies.

This weekend I read a book by a scientist in New Hampshire, James L. Oschman.  The book, Energy Medicine: the Scientific Basis, is written to help form the bridge between scientific thought and alternative healing modalities.  I found it pretty interesting, while most of what he wrote is familiar.  In a chapter called “Silent Pulses” Oschman wrote the following:

“At all levels, nature is a composite of rhythms.  The vast cycles of the heavens represent an extreme of virtually unimaginable scale, with time measured in light-years.  At the other limit are the minute oscillations of atoms and sub-atomic particles, vibrations of trillions of times per second.  Life is immersed in this spectrum, and contributes its own unique set of rhythms.  One long cycle is that between birth and death.  Superimposed upon that rhythm are many cycles of replacement of the atoms comprising the body (Shoenheimer 1942).  Some tissues, such as bone and fascia, are completely replaced some 10-15 times during a lifetime, while others, such as skin and intestine, are replaced 10,000 times during the same period.  Certain enzymes last only a few seconds before they are renewed (Ratner 1979).  Each organ has its own set of activity rhythms.

In terms of healing, important rhythms have been discovered by medical researchers who are employing magnetic pulses for ‘jump starting’ the repair of a wide-spectrum of tissues and for treating diseases.  While a variety of signals are being used, medical interest has especially focused on pulsing magnetic fields of low energy and extremely low frequency (ELF).  The ELF range is arbitrarily defined as frequencies below 100 Hz (Miller 1986).  Similar frequencies emanate from the hands of practitioners of therapeutic touch and related methods.  Moreover, the fields emitted by practitioners are not steady in frequency, but ‘sweep’ or ‘scan’ through the range of frequencies that medical researchers are finding effective in facilitating repair of various soft and hard tissues.  This is a recent and profoundly exciting correlation.”   (p. 85-86).

I am certain that our contributions of healing energy to those who need it – and to those that support them in healing – are important contributions towards the field which creates and nourishes the healing response.

Infinite Grace

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Another posting to ponder the mysteries of and possibilities for healing.  While I often feel on the cusp of true understanding of how the healing process works in the quantum world., I more often continue to simple sit in the wonder of it all.

We are beings who are created with the capacity to heal anything.  I am convinced of that.

In a book I’ve been reading recently, Infinite Grace:  Where the worlds of science and spiritual healing meet, (Diane Goldner, 1999), I found the following quote on intention – one of the aspects that seems to be important in healing:

“On one level, we all understand intention. . . A thing emerges from the level of mind, guided by intention.  Step by step it becomes increasingly manifest.  The same thing occurs in healing. . . the person to be  healed and the healer have the same idea – spiritual and physical wholeness – and depending on countless variables, that idea, guided by intention, might become a reality.  We all use intent.  All the time.  If we move our arm, we must first intend to move our arm.

Intention, healers insist, underlies our experiences and guides both energy and consciousness in healing.”  (p. 67).

It appears that intention, coupled with love and the energy of the heart, can help to create powerful healing effects.

I ask anyone who is reading to continue to send healing energy – with love and intention –to whomever you know who would benefit from these healing energies.

I think it is important that we also send healing and nourishing energy to those who are providing support for those that must heal – families, partners, friends, doctors and other healers working directly with them.  May they all be guided and upheld by the energy we send.

Seems like a good idea to me!


Friday, May 7th, 2010

This week I finished a book that inspired me and gave me hope.  Epiphanies:  Where Science and Miracles Meet (2007) is worth reading.  In it the author, Ann Jauregui, Ph.D., describes her work with clients (she is a psychotherapist) and the many ways that healing can come to people.  When dealing with issues of mental health, healing can seem very elusive as it is so difficult to understand the inner workings of the brain, the psyche and the personality.  We don’t fully understand how the spiritual and the physical come together nor how life experiences and brain chemistry really work to influence the unique inner workings of the individual.

Mental health professionals often times rely on medications to try to give clients the relief they desire.  Sometimes the meds work and sometimes they don’t.   Meanwhile people suffer, possibly unnecessarily.

Jauregui has devoted her professional life to understanding alternative routes to healing.

Her website ( features this quote:

“Epiphany is defined by Webster’s as a “sudden insight into the reality or essential meaning of something.”

“But my favorite part of the definition,” says psychotherapist Ann Jauregui, “tells us that the revelation is usually brought on by some simple, homely, or commonplace experience. Something big is occasioned by something little, something easily missed. And it unfolds from there – sometimes as a flash, sometimes in exquisite slow motion – out of conventional time and space and language. ‘Look at this,’ you whisper as you see something about the universe you’ve never seen before. ‘And look at this,’ you whisper too, seeing yourself seeing it. The universe is bigger than it was a minute ago, and so are you.” Join this conversation. What are these sudden, palpable truths we call epiphanies? And – living in this time of great urgency – how can we make use of them when they arrive, bringing an insight that feels at once revelatory and familiar?”

Jauregui talks about the founder of Self-Acceptance Training, Dick Olney, who shared this moving and powerful prayer, “I give thanks for help unknown, already on the way”.

Along with the author, I love the image of this gratitude for something that is coming our way from whichever source we might choose to invoke.

Jauregui shares another version of prayer saying, “an open-ended ‘thy will be done’. . . seems to work just fine however a person thinks of ‘thy”(p. 148).

A final prayer shared with her by one of her clients is comprised of two words, “ground down” to indicate this person’s desire to connect with the earth for grounding and support.  And the response he “hears” from the earth is “here already”.

In my own life as I worry about those I care about, especially those who suffer from mental illness, I have begun using these two prayers with the belief that along with the prayer comes healing energy that those who suffer can take in and use to bring about their own healing.

Our own experiences

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Even though I am certain that the phenomena of nonlocal healing is real, and even though I spent a good amount of the past few years studying and thinking about such things, I still notice from time to time, the existence of doubt.

And so the following is an exhortation to myself, as much as it is to anyone who is reading.

Can you – (can I?) – actually believe – more than believe actually FEEL – deeply in your fibers and your heart, that subtle energies (the terms often used to describe these energy forces which defy other descriptions) play a powerful role in our day-to-day lives?  Can you, WILL you, believe that your thoughts, intentions, prayers, inspirations, meditations, make a difference?  They do.  Even jaded, positivist scientists have had to admit that “something is going on”. . .when they find themselves encountering the energy of thought and consciousness.  They have a harder time saying “what” is going on – which is why we don’t hear about their reactions.   Scientists tend to reserve judgment until they can explain or explore, with some sense of definitiveness and predictability, a particular phenomenon.

We are different, and we don’t have to prove things, as scientists do.  We all have had so many experiences in our lives.  We all have had so many experiences with subtle energies, most of which we have ignored or suppressed.  But we can remember and revive this awareness of the subtle energy world, and use this as a tool to change ourselves and the world in which we live.

I invite you to suspend the uncertainty of belief and realize that you can KNOW that subtle energies exist and are important.  There is so much that has been proven using scientific  means that we can build on and that we must build on.

The idea is to do and to be.  Do and be the healing, compassion, love, peace, understanding that you want in the world.  Don’t believe me, simply do what you know.