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Christopher Bache: Dark Night Early Dawn

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

I’ve been re-reading a book called, “Dark Night, Early Dawn”. (SUNY Press, 2000). It is a book about individual and collective healing written by a professor of religious studies at Youngstown University.  The book focuses on wide range of things that are all related to the metaphysics of relationships and healing.  If you haven’t read it, I recommend it!

In the early parts of the book the author, Christopher Bache, talks about psychological healing processes brought about by Stanislov Grof’s holotropic breath work. He points out that in states of expanded awareness, we feel ourselves to move beyond the individual and we can tune in to and be aware of the suffering, pain, joy, bliss of the whole of human kind, both in our current time and across the ages.

And given this, Bache suggests, when an individual experiences healing, that healing must extend out to that broad network.

On page 78 he says, “In psychotherapy, therapy heals the patient present. Following this simple logic, we must speculate that if the patient in these intense states of awareness has expanded beyond the individual person, then the healing being realized through these exercises also reaches beyond the individual person. If the awareness experiencing these ordeals is genuinely beyond-the-personal, as many have testified, then the healing that is taking place is also focused beyond the personal level. . . (we have been blinded) to the possibility that these experiences might also have a therapeutic impact on systems that transcend the individual. . . (these systems include) the concept of a centralized, integrating intelligence, an anima mundi, or “World Soul”.

It seems so important and crucial to me in this world we inhabit together that we see our healing work as having an ongoing impact so that we see, understand and FEEL that our healing energy is part of a larger healing. The healing of our World Soul.

Thank you for your love, your hope, your daily contributions of healing energy, however they occur.

Barbara Brennan: Preparing the Healer

Monday, March 29th, 2010

A couple of days ago I shared a thought from Valerie Hunt, who has studied human energy in scientific surroundings for several decades. She mentioned one great teacher of healing energy, Barbara Brennan, so today I roffer some thoughts from her book, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field. (p. 187).

This section is called “Preparing the Healer”

“In preparing to give a healing, the healer must first open and align herself with the cosmic forces. This means not only just before the healing, but in her life in general. She must be dedicated to the truth and be meticulously honest with herself in all areas of her being. She needs the support of friends and some form of spiritual discipline or purification process. She needs teachers, both spiritual and physical. She needs to keep her own body healthy through exercise and healthy nourishment, balanced diet (include high intake of vitamins and minerals, which the body uses more of when running high energy), resting and playing. Through this nourishment, she maintains her own physical vehicle in a condition that allows her to raise her vibrations to reach up and out to the universal energy field and those spiritual healing energies that will then flow through her. She must first raise her own vibrations to connect with the healing energies before channeling can take place.”

Whether or not you consciously think of yourself as “healer”, I believe that is, in fact, the role that each of us takes on when we consciously send energy of healing and support to others, regardless of the form it takes.

Thank you to everyone who contributes in this way.

Valerie Hunt on Healing

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Valerie V. Hunt, a scientist emeritus, based for many years at UCLA, has conducted ground-breaking research in developing new tools and techniques for the measurement of human energy.  She has said the following about the healing effects of this energy,

“We all have the capacity to heal ourselves and others. Some of us do it spontaneously without instruction. Others want formal classes. Of the many excellent teachers, I recommend Rosalind Bruyere and Barbara Brennan as outstanding. But wherever you go your energy goes with you, actually preceding the body. If you go to see an ill or recovering person intend to take your healthiest and most radiant field. Remember that with you in your mind-field, you also bring your concerns and problems and confusions. Ill people are particularly sensitive to the emotional states of their guests. Of all the gifts you could take the person, not flowers and sweets or books but your healing vibrations will have the most lasting effect. Before you enter their presence, stabilize and enliven your field.

Remember despite your deep concerns for this person’s (healing) be sure to fill your field with lovingness and coherent energy that will radiate from you to fill the room. Don’t stay a long time, just long enough to implant your coherent loving energy. If you do make physical contact with the person expand and lighten your field to be available for the individual to use to clarify his. Remember you don’t need to be a trained healer nor do you need to purposefully ‘channel’ energy to them. Your intent to bring your coherent loving energy to them is more than adequate.”

From Mind Mastery Meditations: A Workbook for the “Infinite Mind”, p. 69.

Often I find myself questioning how healing energy works and it is helpful to read a strong affirmation that it does, such as this one by Dr. Hunt.  Again we find that although a great deal of healing work proceeds by intuition and some kind of faith, there are plenty of resources available, many rigorous studies conducted and so many personal stories that we do not, in fact, have to “believe” we just have to engage with what is naturally available to us within the human energetic field.

Targ and Katra: Prayer and the Healing Connection

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

This morning I was re-reading a section in a book called, “Miracles of Mind: Exploring Nonlocal Consciousness and Spiritual Healing.” The authors are Russell Targ who is a retired physicist and co-founder of Stanford Research Institute’s investigation into psychic ability in the 70s and 80s and Jane Katra who has been a spiritual healer for more than 20 years. The book is an interesting blend of the scientific and the spiritual.

In a chapter called, “Prayer and the Healing Connection”, Jane Katra describes some of her own experiences as a healer.

“I used to think that prayer was something other people did, something that involved communication (usually pleading) to some great, all-pervasive mind that could somehow hear our thoughts. I didn’t realize that what I did during healing is what some people call prayer. Now I believe that healing prayer is neither action, nor healing thoughts, nor any communication at all done by a healer. For me, prayer is not about getting anything thing – but it usually involved getting filled with peace, which in turn melts the barriers between one person and another. I like the concept that prayer is the fulfillment of oneness. It is an experience of being loved.

My concept of God is infinite consciousness, with aspects of power, truth, love, and presence. I do not ask this nonlocal mind that I know as God to heal a patient’s body, or to save his life. I do not ask for any specific outcome on the physical plan of form. Instead, I seek to be in the same state of awareness that Buddha, Ramakrishna, Lao-tzu, and Jesus spoke of. When acting as a healer, I ask to be used as a window or channel of this awareness, so that a patient might experience it. I ask to be assisted in being helpful. I seek a state of both receptivity to God, and attunement to the patient.

A healing interaction is initiated by an impersonal, non-emotional, caring intention of a spiritual healer – a willingness to help. I believe that this attitude of willingness to be used as an avenue of help by a primary healing consciousness is what spiritual masters have called ‘love’, ‘compassion’, and ‘charity’. The motivation behind my willingness to practice as a spiritual healer is my belief that we are all connected at some level: We are one great mind that reveals itself through us when we allow it to do so. The practice of spiritual healing involves surrender, or the cessation, of my own desires and thoughts (self-less-ness), so that the harmonizing, balancing life force can flow through me. Anyone can decide to do this. I hope more people try it.” (p. 259-260).

More and more I believe that we all have something to contribute to the process that Katra describes whether or not we consider ourselves “healers”.  The title is less important that the act of trying to be part of the positive life force that is all around us.  We can do this by carefully monitoring our thoughts and consciously sending out positive and healing thoughts.

Tulku Thondop and the healing power of mind

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Hello and thank you for your comments in my absence.  I have been away doing some healing of my own and hope to be back more regularly now.

I was recently reading Tulku Thondop’s The Healing Power of Mind. There are so many useful practices, exercises and thoughts in this book. I wanted to share a small section entitled “Three Important Points to Focus On”. (p. 156).

“What is the best way to live? A very good answer to that question is to place the emphasis on the present moment, just here, right now, the exact point at which we are living and over which we have direct and immediate dominion. So, first of all, seize this very time, and live wisely and well in the present, without losing your focus in the past, future, or somewhere else.

Secondly, we should focus our attention on our own lives and those for whom we have responsibility. By dealing practically with the living beings in our immediate circle, we won’t fall into hazy generalizations and dream worlds. Begin now to be a source of happiness to those who are right here every day, including family, friends, neighbors – and yourself.

Thirdly, we should dedicate ourselves to the welfare and happiness of all beings, especially those we are with. This is the essence of spirituality.

As the hermit tells the kind at the end of Leo Tolstoy’s story “The Three Questions”, “Remember then, there is only one important time – now. And it is important because it is the only time we have dominion over ourselves; and the most important man is he with whom you are, for no one can know whether or not he will ever have dealings with any other man; and the most important pursuit is to do good to him, since it is for that purpose alone that man was sent into this life.”

I will certainly carry these thoughts forward into this day as I see who I am with and how I can “do good” to whomever it is.