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Katra and Targ, Miracles of Mind

Monday, January 19th, 2009

A new week begins and I continue my quest to understand the healing process.

I share today a short quote from Miracles of Mind: Exploring Nonlocal Consciousness and Spiritual Healing (1998), written by Russell Targ who is a researcher of psychic phenomena at the Stanford Research Institute and Jane Katra who is a spiritual healer.  The quote comes from a section of the book where Jane is describing her process of learning how her own healing capacities work:

“I learned that the healing ‘energy’ did not come from me.  It seemed to be available when I allowed myself to be used as a sort of a channel or ‘soda straw’ for it.  I discovered that I did not do something to someone else in the process but rather, it was something we did together, in collaboration with an ostensibly transpersonal mind.  It felt like I was instrumental in creating the condition that permitted the information-energy to flow, but I was not in control of it – I gave myself over to it.   It is a process of not-doing, and therefore, not being responsible for what does or does not occur.  It is a peaceful state of surrender to a source of active, organizing intelligence.  What feels like energy flowing may actually be an expression of a limitless, omnipresent potential, which is activated when people join minds for the purpose of healing.”  (p. 174).

I do not know how each reader of these reflections experiences the healing process but Jane’s description seems to reflect at least some of my experience.

Thanks for reading.

Cumes, Some, Community and Healing

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

In this brief posting, I continue to reflect upon the role of community in individual healing.  I am finding this to be very compelling.  Our western orientation assumes that healing is an individual process, perhaps assisted by a doctor and/or drugs.  Indigenous belief systems see that the community is crucial to individual healing, just as individuals are fundamental to the healing of the collective.

The book by Cumes on indigenous healing systems (from the last posting) has given me a lot to ponder. The Healing Wisdom of Africa by Malidoma Patrice Some, (1999), has given me more to think about in this vein.

Both Cumes and Some point out that ultimately it is each individual who heals him or herself – no one else can “heal” you.  However, the energy of the collective provides support and energy within the overall community “field” which the individual then uses to help support their own healing process.  And, of course, as the individual is healed, so the collective benefits as well.  As I’ve said before, I am coming to feel deeply that every other person’s healing is my own.  This isn’t just a “nice thought” – it is something that I am coming to know in a deep way.

Another knowing is that there are examples of people being fully healed of every form of physical and psychic difficulty possible.  Part of the fabulous design of our beings is that we are created to heal, therefore, we can actually expect healing as a natural part of our existence.

Collective, individual, natural is the healing process.  I welcome your thoughts on these ideas!

Doctor and Sangoma David Cumes

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Dr. David Cumes, is a South African physician and sangoma (traditional healer) who has studied indigenous healing, shamanism and the relationship between these and western healing modalities.  He has studied the healing processes of the San (who live in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa) as well as other indigenous beliefs and processes.

In his book, The Spirit of Healing:  Venture Into the Wilderness to Rediscover the Healing Force, he describes the “inner healer”.  The inner healer seems to be defined by will and determination, faith, belief and focus.  Cumes also is describing the fundamental capacity of the human body and psyche for health and healing.  He talks about how the San believe that everyone needs healing – which is why they do a regular healing ritual within community – but that only certain people actually end up manifesting illness.  They believe and practice rituals which help the sick individual to draw from their own inner healing power as well as the healing that comes from the community.

I suddenly had the clear image of any healing group as a supportive community for the person who needs healing, and that these processes draw upon the fundamental principles for healing that the San have practiced for probably at least 30 thousand years, and possibly longer.

Groups that gather to support healing are doing something fundamental, ancient and important,

Richard Gerber and Distant Healing

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Deeply interested in how energy, coming from many different sources, can support healing. I found the following quote in one of the books by Richard Gerber, MD.  The book for which Gerber is most well known is his 1988 book, Vibrational Medicine:  New Choices for Healing Ourselves.  Gerber describes studies that have been done on distance or psychic healing.  He reports on studies done with a couple named Olga and Ambrose Worrall, and says

“The Worralls were able to create measurable increases in the growth rate of rye seedlings at a distance of over 600 miles  while working at a level of higher dimensional consciousness”  (p. 319).

“Drs. Elmer Green and Norman Shealy experimentally tested Mrs. Worrall’s distant healing and her ability to affect the biological rhythms of patients at a distance.  Mrs. Worrall sat in a room down the hall form a patient while both were attached to EEG, EKG, GSR and other physiological monitoring devises.  While Mrs. Worrall visualized herself working astrally on the patient’s throat area, the patient would report that he or she could feel a sensation of warmth and tingling in that bodily region.  Even more remarkable was the researchers’ observation that there was a sychronization of brainwave activity and other bioelectric rhythms between healer and patient during the healing process.”  (p. 320).

These studies were done some years ago, but they are still fascinating, I think, and give us much to think about – and even more to study.

What is further interesting is that once you start looking at the literature, you find that there are so many documented cases of psyhic distance healing, of the effects of nonlocal mind, that you have to really be committed to NOT knowing in order to keep your head in the sand and ignore all the evidence.

I am convinced that as each of us continues to support our own and other’s healing processes, we will see our individual and collective healing energies increase.  I hope this encourages everyone who is interested to devote some time each day to practices that promote healing in yourself and in others.

Thich Nhat Hanh and Interconnectedness

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

The following short quote from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Peace is Every Step, (p. 100) expresses that we are all one, connected together in the unified realm which underlies everything in the universe.  It helps me to understand how one person can affect the healing of another.

Not Two

“When we want to understand something, we cannot just stand outside and observe it.  We have to enter deeply into it and be one with it in order to really understand it.  If we want to understand a person, we have to feel his feelings, suffer his sufferings, and enjoy his joy.  The word “comprehend” is made up of the Latin roots cum, which means “with”, and prehendere, which means “to grasp it or pick it up”.  To comprehend something means to pick it up and be one with it.  There is no other way to understand something.  In Buddhism we call this kind of understanding “noon-duality”.  Not two.”

I think that this process of working with others towards healing is one of being with him with the full awareness that their healing is also our own.

One of the meditation forms that I use for healing has its roots in Sharon Franquemont’s book on Intuition, “You Already Know What To Do”, (beginning on page 190).  The specifics come from my own experience and thoughts.

In the meditation I move between seeing and experiencing myself as matter – a human being in a body – sitting on my cushion AND seeing and experiencing myself as energy which moves out and participates in the entire universe.  I call it “particle-wave” meditation.  On the in-breath, I sink in to my body and feel myself to be a human being.  I focus on the denseness of the particles of matter that form my body.  On the out-breath, I let my thoughts and energy move out through the universe as a wave.

And, as needed, I move the imagery to other words/ideas as I continue to move between my particle nature and my wave nature (both of which exist simultaneously, as is true of all of us).

The thinking goes:
In breath – particle, out breath – wave;
In breath, here, out breath – everywhere;
In breath – finite, out breath – infinite;
In breath – human, out breath – divine

And so on. . .

When I am ready to focus healing energy to another, I sent it on the out breath as part of my wave energy self – which transcends time and space to reach that person when he or she is ready to receive the energy.

William Collinge on Healing

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Her are some thoughts from another scholar who had written about healing.  These are from Subtle Energy: Awakening to the Unseen Forces in our Lives, by William Collinge, Ph.D.  This book is basically the author’s collection of and commentary about research on energy conducted in a wide array of disciplines.  I found a couple of quotes relevant to understanding the healing process that I thought I would share.

Collinge describes (p. 254) a healing session conducted with a 72-year old metastic prostate cancer sufferer in which a group – using visualization techniques – successfully helped bring about the cessation of his chronic, severe pain.  He reflects on what happened in that and other group healing and counseling sessions he has facilitated.

“Studies have found that when one person contacts another person’s energy field with a healing intention, with or without contacting their physical body, a state of coherence and synchrony between the brain waves of the healer and the recipient develops – they literally become unified in one energetic field.  Other studies have found this kind of communion to reduce the severity of pain, reduce anxiety, heal wounds more rapidly, and even raise the level of hemoglobin in the recipient’s blood”.  (p. 256)

In various other sources, I have read about many other similar examples of what Collinge describes.

Collinge goes on to say,

“To me this experience showed that all support groups could easily be transformed into healing groups.  We all have the potential to be a healing presence for one another, if we will just set our intention to do so and follow a few simple guidelines.”

In my day to day practice of sending healing energy to those I am supporting in this way , I find it energizing and exciting to read the many, many wonderful stories of healing, alleviation of pain and increased overall well being that occurs as result of these practices.  This energy is real and is one of the most amazing things available to us in this universe!!

Larry Dossey – Reinventing Medicine

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

I will be here sharing thoughts, ideas and messages for healing.  Please use them in your own healing circles, with friends, as affirmations – however they might work for you.  I will appreciate messages regarding the various practices you are using to send healing energy towards others.  I know without a doubt that you are assisting healing processes with the many forms that can be used.

I share a quote from the Larry Dossey book, “Reinventing Medicine”, which provides an inspiration.

Dossey asks the question (p. 90), “What allows a person to shift from a self-oriented way of experiencing the world to one in which there are no boundaries between persons?” and he responds, “I’ve read hundreds of letters from readers describing nonlocal experiences (such as sensing someone’s death, or having the experience of being one with another), always looking for the key that makes this switch possible.  I believe the vital ingredient is love – a state of caring and compassion that is so deep and genuine that the barriers we erect around the self are transcended.”

I am sure that it is a state of love which we bring to healing processes and that this is part of what those in need to healing are able to tune in to and draw from.

Thank you for your energies and prayers for healing!

Hello world!

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Welcome to the Healing Universe, a place where those interested in non-local healing, prayer and energy healing circles can come together.