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Elmer Green and ISSSEEM

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

In a 2001 or 2002 collection of articles published by ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine) I found the following written by Elmer Green, Ph.D., who has, for forty years, studied the healing effects brought on by energy of various forms.

“Physicians and therapists who are only moderately technically skillful, but who are compassionate and caring, have a far better batting average than their superior-trained colleagues.  Reason:  The patient’s subconscious healing power (the placebo power) is activated by love, and turned off by an indifferent mechanical non-caring ambiance.  At the June Annual Meeting (ISSSEEM, 1999) Leonard Laskow talked about the energy that lied in each of us which, empowered by love, can be used for healing the world, but also this energy can be used for ourselves, personally.  After all, our own bodies and our own subconscious selves are a part of the world.  We need to love them too.  Once, after injuring my back by running down a mountain-side and landing on a rock, I thought, “Well, I’ll use the energy to heal myself.”  Consequently, for four minutes a day for one year I used an energy-based visualization to dissolve a piece of vertebral disk that, I felt, was impinging on the spinal cord.  It worked.”

(Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, Volume 10, Section 2, Page 110.)

The following has been said about Elmer Green, who worked out of the Menninger Research Institute in Kansas, “Green is a scientist who sought to quantify the practical value of meditative states, to prove the inextricable connection between the mind and the body in treating illness; and to provide a measurable technology – biofeedback – for accessing higher states of consciousness.  He is also deeply interested in people’s capacity to transform their lives in these states. . .”

I find the work of such scientists to be incredibly inspirational!

As I am always telling my children, the world is a marvelous and mysterious place.  We only understand such a small fraction of how things really work.

Staying alive to the mystery and contributing healing energy to the whole,

What about Reiki?

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

The Reiki approach to healing, using the natural energy of the universe directed towards balancing and healing, also understands that healing energy can be sent from a distance.

In a book on Reiki by Larry Arnold and Sandy Nevius (The Reiki Handbook, 1982), the following is said about this distant healing energy transaction.

“You cannot direct energy to another energy field (a body) and have it (shall we say) accepted if the recipient does not agree upon the conscious level, the unconscious level and the subconscious level.  All three levels must be in agreement before one can direct energy to another successfully. . .

Now in order to direct energy in order to bring about an effect (which) suggests balance within a human body, you must have no doubt – no doubt whatsoever – that what you sent forth can be effective.”

The principles of Reiki assert that the human ego is not part of the transaction, that the energy is available the minute you decide to engage with it.  A positive and focused intention helps the process as does practice.

We have been practicing distant healing as individuals and as a group.  As we continue to work together, our intention becomes stronger and the possibilities for healing increase.


Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

One of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein in this, “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

He is also recorded as having said, “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

One researcher in subtle energy healing, Dr. Elizabeth Targ, has remarked that we shouldn’t be so amazed by healing because we are all constantly healing ourselves, every single minute of every day, of viruses, bacterias, cancers, etc. etc.  “The fact is, every single one of us gets over cancer every single day.  The question we should really be asking is not ‘Why do some people get sick?’ but ‘Why aren’t all of us sick all the time?’  (From Infinite Grace:  Where the worlds of science and spiritual healing meet, Diane Goldner, p. 214).

Healing is an every day miracle that we all experience.  Therefore, we should “simply” continue to send our thoughts and energies towards healing, knowing that it is natural and that we can expect it and contribute towards it with our energies.

Twenty-Four Brand-New Hours

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

One place on earth where I derive a good deal of positive, healing energy is at Plum Village, Thich Nhat Hanh’s retreat center in southern France.  It is a place to practice mindfulness alone and in the presence of others.

I’d like to share another poem from Thich Nhat Hanh with you – from Call Me By My True Names, (p. 167).

Twenty-Four Brand-New Hours

Waking up this morning, I see the blue sky.

I join my hands in thanks

for the many wonders of life;

in having twenty-four brand-new hours before me.

The sun is rising.

The forest becomes my awareness

bathed in the sunshine.

I walk across a field of sunflowers.

Tens of thousands of flowers are turned toward the bright east.

My awareness is like the sun.

My hands are sowing seeds for the next harvest.

My ear is filled with the sound of the rising tide.

In the magnificent sky, clouds are approaching

and joy from many directions.

I can see the fragrant lotus ponds of my homeland.

I can see coconut trees along the rivers.

I can see rice fields stretching, stretching, laughing at the sun and rain.

Mother Earth gives us coriander, basil, celery, mint.

Tomorrow the hills and mountains of the country will be green again.

Tomorrow the buds of life will spring up quickly.

Folk poetry will be as sweet as the songs of children.

I send my gratitude for all you do in each of your lives.

Daily Living as Healing

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

This morning I was reading in Tulku Thondup’s The Healing Power of Mind and thought I’d share the following with you:

“Daily Living as Healing

One of the most important and effective means of healing is to turn every step of our daily life into healing exercises.  Instead of separating meditation and life into compartments, bring them together.  By bringing a spacious awareness into whatever you do, equanimity, clarity, and joy have a chance to blossom.  If we develop the right habits, everything becomes a healing.  So we should consistently try to develop a right way of seeing, thinking, and acting.

Mindfulness is the key to transforming our daily lives.  Let go of worries and habitual dislikes, and simply be with the stream of your activities.  Cultivate a relaxed and open mood, whether you are thinking with your intellect or acting with your body.  When you are walking, standing, sitting, or lying down, give yourself to that. . .

Approach your life in the spirit of warm-hearted enjoyment.  On a few dates on the calendar are marked as holidays, but we don’t have to wait for them to be cheerful and happy.  Even when problems or challenges come, an open attitude will guide us along the path.”  (p. 145).

May all our thoughts, actions, intentions and words be devoted to healing for those who need it and, indeed, for us all.

Health is based in your mind

Monday, September 13th, 2010

In an Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) review (March – May 2002), the following excerpt was shared.

“Every method of treating illness works.  High-tech laboratory-tested therapies of Western medicine work – so do the ancient techniques of Eastern medicine.  Laser surgery and chemotherapy, crystals, ginseng root and Echinacea, low-fat diets and vitamin megadoses, as well as the whole armamentarium of New Age medicine – such as aromatherapy, music therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, macrobiotics – they all work.  Every possible decoction of forest and garden, and yes, a rag, a bone, and a hank of hair, have been used to heal and have healed.  In the history of the world, there has never been a medicine or treatment that did not heal someone.

How is this possible?  What is really going on here?

To compound the puzzle, why doesn’t a given treatment work on everyone who has the same disease?  And, if a treatment is effective in Switzerland, why doesn’t it work in Swaziland?  And, if a treatment worked in 1800, why didn’t the identical treatment work in the year 1900?

Science always claims to look for the simplest answer, the elegant solution.  Is there one that could explain this conundrum?. . .

The truth is that your health is in your mind.”

(From Faith and the Placebo Effect, by Lolette Kuby, Origin Press, 2001).

I’m sure I’ll eventually read this book; I am curious to how she approaches this topic.

My own feeling is that “your health is in your mind” is a meaningful, but possibly overly-simplified sense of how healing occurs.  (And, of course, this is only an excerpt and doesn’t give the whole story of what Kuby is taking about.)

Yes the mind is crucial, as are spiritual aspects, social factors, cultural influences, belief systems etc. – coupled with the fact that every human body is completely unique, and even the ordering and workings of our individual bodily system changes minute by minute.  This means that what might heal you today might have no impact whatsoever tomorrow.  This mind-boggling reality means that we need to move in to the quantum realm to understand healing and to support its unfolding.

How we do that and what that means for individual healing?  Well.  Let’s keep looking.

“Ordinary People” as Healers

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

More and more I find myself asking Spirit – the Divine – that all my thoughts, words, actions might be nurturing and healing to others.  Of course, I fall far short of that mark countless times each day.  But there is something very uplifting about at least holding the hope and intention that healing on individual as well as global levels can be enhanced by each and everything I do and think.

In Infinite Grace:  Where the worlds of science and spiritual healing meet, Diane Goldner says, by way of summary:

“In healing, love is the engine.  Techniques are mere pathways.  I found that there are many genuinely talented healers, from many different paths.  I also found that healers are ordinary people. . .

Ultimately, what makes healing an important topic is not that it is about a unique group of people, but that it is an investigation that is relevant to each and every one of us.  The same qualities that elevate a healer’s work are also those that are transformative for those in all other walks of life.  The work of a doctor, a lawyer, a politician, a scientist, a corporate executive, a sanitation worker, a postal worker, a cleaning woman and, of course, a parent, will be similarly elevated – inspired, if you will – by anyone holding the intention for the highest good.  This is the real lesson of spiritual healing.” (p. 305-306).

Many of us – this day and this week – hold high intentions for healing and direct those intentions and accompanying energies to those who need them.  This is great and important work.

Particle and Wave Meditation

Friday, May 21st, 2010

I sat this morning on my meditation cushions, hearing the sounds of the morning.

As I sat and breathed, I focused on two images.  On the in-breath, I remembered – felt – that I was a woman sitting on a cushion in my home.  I was aware of my particle nature – of my being a simple human being in the midst of a “normal” human life.

On the out-breath, I remembered – felt – that I am part of the energy forces of the universe, contributing in positive ways whenever I remember to send loving, healing energy to join those energies swirling around us all. I was aware of my wave nature – of my being energy incarnated in human form, but able to reach out and touch all other existing energies.

This weekend I read a book by a scientist in New Hampshire, James L. Oschman.  The book, Energy Medicine: the Scientific Basis, is written to help form the bridge between scientific thought and alternative healing modalities.  I found it pretty interesting, while most of what he wrote is familiar.  In a chapter called “Silent Pulses” Oschman wrote the following:

“At all levels, nature is a composite of rhythms.  The vast cycles of the heavens represent an extreme of virtually unimaginable scale, with time measured in light-years.  At the other limit are the minute oscillations of atoms and sub-atomic particles, vibrations of trillions of times per second.  Life is immersed in this spectrum, and contributes its own unique set of rhythms.  One long cycle is that between birth and death.  Superimposed upon that rhythm are many cycles of replacement of the atoms comprising the body (Shoenheimer 1942).  Some tissues, such as bone and fascia, are completely replaced some 10-15 times during a lifetime, while others, such as skin and intestine, are replaced 10,000 times during the same period.  Certain enzymes last only a few seconds before they are renewed (Ratner 1979).  Each organ has its own set of activity rhythms.

In terms of healing, important rhythms have been discovered by medical researchers who are employing magnetic pulses for ‘jump starting’ the repair of a wide-spectrum of tissues and for treating diseases.  While a variety of signals are being used, medical interest has especially focused on pulsing magnetic fields of low energy and extremely low frequency (ELF).  The ELF range is arbitrarily defined as frequencies below 100 Hz (Miller 1986).  Similar frequencies emanate from the hands of practitioners of therapeutic touch and related methods.  Moreover, the fields emitted by practitioners are not steady in frequency, but ‘sweep’ or ‘scan’ through the range of frequencies that medical researchers are finding effective in facilitating repair of various soft and hard tissues.  This is a recent and profoundly exciting correlation.”   (p. 85-86).

I am certain that our contributions of healing energy to those who need it – and to those that support them in healing – are important contributions towards the field which creates and nourishes the healing response.

Infinite Grace

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Another posting to ponder the mysteries of and possibilities for healing.  While I often feel on the cusp of true understanding of how the healing process works in the quantum world., I more often continue to simple sit in the wonder of it all.

We are beings who are created with the capacity to heal anything.  I am convinced of that.

In a book I’ve been reading recently, Infinite Grace:  Where the worlds of science and spiritual healing meet, (Diane Goldner, 1999), I found the following quote on intention – one of the aspects that seems to be important in healing:

“On one level, we all understand intention. . . A thing emerges from the level of mind, guided by intention.  Step by step it becomes increasingly manifest.  The same thing occurs in healing. . . the person to be  healed and the healer have the same idea – spiritual and physical wholeness – and depending on countless variables, that idea, guided by intention, might become a reality.  We all use intent.  All the time.  If we move our arm, we must first intend to move our arm.

Intention, healers insist, underlies our experiences and guides both energy and consciousness in healing.”  (p. 67).

It appears that intention, coupled with love and the energy of the heart, can help to create powerful healing effects.

I ask anyone who is reading to continue to send healing energy – with love and intention –to whomever you know who would benefit from these healing energies.

I think it is important that we also send healing and nourishing energy to those who are providing support for those that must heal – families, partners, friends, doctors and other healers working directly with them.  May they all be guided and upheld by the energy we send.

Seems like a good idea to me!


Friday, May 7th, 2010

This week I finished a book that inspired me and gave me hope.  Epiphanies:  Where Science and Miracles Meet (2007) is worth reading.  In it the author, Ann Jauregui, Ph.D., describes her work with clients (she is a psychotherapist) and the many ways that healing can come to people.  When dealing with issues of mental health, healing can seem very elusive as it is so difficult to understand the inner workings of the brain, the psyche and the personality.  We don’t fully understand how the spiritual and the physical come together nor how life experiences and brain chemistry really work to influence the unique inner workings of the individual.

Mental health professionals often times rely on medications to try to give clients the relief they desire.  Sometimes the meds work and sometimes they don’t.   Meanwhile people suffer, possibly unnecessarily.

Jauregui has devoted her professional life to understanding alternative routes to healing.

Her website ( features this quote:

“Epiphany is defined by Webster’s as a “sudden insight into the reality or essential meaning of something.”

“But my favorite part of the definition,” says psychotherapist Ann Jauregui, “tells us that the revelation is usually brought on by some simple, homely, or commonplace experience. Something big is occasioned by something little, something easily missed. And it unfolds from there – sometimes as a flash, sometimes in exquisite slow motion – out of conventional time and space and language. ‘Look at this,’ you whisper as you see something about the universe you’ve never seen before. ‘And look at this,’ you whisper too, seeing yourself seeing it. The universe is bigger than it was a minute ago, and so are you.” Join this conversation. What are these sudden, palpable truths we call epiphanies? And – living in this time of great urgency – how can we make use of them when they arrive, bringing an insight that feels at once revelatory and familiar?”

Jauregui talks about the founder of Self-Acceptance Training, Dick Olney, who shared this moving and powerful prayer, “I give thanks for help unknown, already on the way”.

Along with the author, I love the image of this gratitude for something that is coming our way from whichever source we might choose to invoke.

Jauregui shares another version of prayer saying, “an open-ended ‘thy will be done’. . . seems to work just fine however a person thinks of ‘thy”(p. 148).

A final prayer shared with her by one of her clients is comprised of two words, “ground down” to indicate this person’s desire to connect with the earth for grounding and support.  And the response he “hears” from the earth is “here already”.

In my own life as I worry about those I care about, especially those who suffer from mental illness, I have begun using these two prayers with the belief that along with the prayer comes healing energy that those who suffer can take in and use to bring about their own healing.