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Simple Reflections on Healing

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Recently I have been working a bit more using healing energies to assist others from a distance.  The results have been pretty interesting and have given me and others the sense that there is good reason to continue.  Distance healing energy seems to work – somehow.  What confuses all of us and makes it pretty much impossible to do any kind of scientifically-controlled study is that there seems to be no way to control for all the many reasons why people are sick or well.

As a result of this and many other experiences,  I find that – again – the questions have come floating past me in the most personal of ways. . . Why is that person sick and I am well?  Why am I sick and another well?  What is this illness teaching me?  If I move through the disease and its lessons, what am I losing and what am I also gaining?

These inquiries in to the nature of disease, healing and our relationship with them both are vitally important.  No answers are forthcoming.  But simply a clear sense that openness to any outcome is part of the healing path.

A further thought is this:  Discipline, Intention, Gratitude.  These three words come to mind as I ponder the healing possibilities in which we all participate.  Since the healing process is so mysterious how do we understand our own roles within it?  How do we know if our contributions have any impact on ourselves or others?

My feeling is this:  if we bring discipline, intention and gratitude to the process, we cannot help but create positive results, whether or not they are exactly the results that we might desire.

We need to bring discipline to the process by being constant and regular with the generation and sending of our healing energies.  Clear, focused, positive intention is crucial.  Without this we risk being clouded or unfocused in our healing efforts.  And gratitude – always gratitude – remembering to be grateful for the chance to support others in healing, grateful for whatever gifts we have been given.

With these three elements, there is no question but that we will contribute towards positive healing outcomes on many levels.

More from Jurgen Kremer

Monday, July 4th, 2011

I want to acknowledge that all of our healing processes have aspects of rigor and challenge. . . And moments of grace and spirit.

I share here another excerpt from Jurgen Kremer. . .

“How can we take charge of our healing?  The best way I know of is through prayer; here we speak our desire for healing.  The clearer we set our intent in a prayerful way the better; this gives power to the interconnected mind to seek healing.  However, if we speak our prayer with the voice of control, then we only empower the rational mind and strengthen the split from the interconnected mind; this can be the beginning of an unfortunate battle between our intellect and the ‘unruly’ body or heart.  A prayer has power through the quality of surrender; our healing intent needs to include openness to learning. . . This attitude does not assign blame, but it invites Spirit to help you.  You cannot command Spirit, you cannot command the interconnected mind.  But you can put yourself in the doorway and, when Spirit or healing or balance pass through, then your interconnected mind may be able to brush up against them, and the grace of healing may occur.”

May you all find yourselves in that open doorway with your interconnected mind open and ready.

Jurgen Kremer, the Indigenous Mind and Healing

Friday, May 20th, 2011

When I was studying at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies), I had the very great pleasure of taking a couple of classes from a man named Jurgen Kremer.  Jurgen is a German anthropologist whose particular focus is on understanding what he calls “indigenous mind”.  One course I took with him was concerned with understanding the relationship between indigenous ways of being and how healing occurs.

In sorting through some papers yesterday, I found the following excerpt from one of Jurgen’s papers, “Thoughts on Healing”, presented as part of a panel on The Healing Power of the Mind at the Taungpula Kaba-Aye Monestary in Boulder Creek, CA.

“The distinction between control and influence or access is an important one.

The western rational mind is educated to control.  However, you can never control your healing.  You can take charge of your healing process or you can take responsibility for your healing.  But the interconnected mind, inside and outside of ourselves, is much too complex to be controlled by just one aspect of itself.

You cannot control healing, but you can put yourself in a place or situation where healing can occur or where healing is invited.  Then the Mind which you cannot control can and may take charge.  This is how healing may happen, which is different from curing.

To cure a symptom or ailment is the intent of the rational mind to control whatever is seen as out of control.  Healing may also cure (which is what we always hope for) but there can be healing without a cure; a person may die healed, but obviously was not cured – and inner balance and fundamental interconnectedness had been reestablished, but the symptoms would not abate.  Healing addresses the whole person and the way we are embedded in relationships, community and nature; curing addresses only one aspect of Mind.”

As Kremer and so many others have said, healing is a mysterious process.  It is not linear.  It is not rational.  It is not a result of some cause and effect dynamic.  So to support healing in others and to create the possibility of it for ourselves, we have to be alive to the incredible mystery and potential for the miraculous to occur.

Blessings on everything we do in support of this mystery.

Pema Chodron on gratitude

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

I was reading in Pema Chodron’s Comfortable with Uncertainty, (p. 163-164) this morning and decided to share the following with you.  It reminds me that at the heart of healing is complete forgiveness of everyone (including ourselves) and total gratitude towards all (including ourselves). . .

“Be grateful to everyone”

“Be grateful to everyone” is about making peace with the aspects of ourselves that we have rejected.  Through doing that, we also make peace with the people we dislike.  More to the point, being around people we dislike can be a catalyst for making friends with ourselves.

If we were to make a list of people we don’t like – people we fine obnoxious, threatening, or worthy of contempt – we would discover much about those aspects of ourselves that we can’t face.  If we were to come up with one word about each of the troublemakers in our lives, we would find ourselves with a list of descriptions of our own rejected qualities.  We project these onto the outside world.  The people who repel us unwittingly show us aspects of ourselves that we find unacceptable, which otherwise we can’t see.  Traditional lojong teachings say it another way:  other people trigger the karma that we haven’t worked out.  They mirror us and give us the chance to befriend all of that ancient stuff that we carry around like a backpack full of granite boulders.

“Be grateful to everyone” is a way of saying that we can learn from any situation, especially if we practice this slogan with awareness.  The people and situations in our lives can remind us to catch neurosis as neurosis – to see when we’ve pulled the shades, locked the door, and crawled under the covers.”

Thank you, each and all, for not pulling the shade or locking the door – and for your many contributions of healing energy!

More from Larry Dossey

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

I am feeling drawn again to some of the work of Larry Dossey, reported in Richard Gerber’s book, “Vibrational Medicine”,

Dossey examines “a wide variety of medical studies that strongly suggest that prayer can indeed produce significant and measurable therapeutic healing benefits for patients who are ‘prayed over’, even at great distances. . . to provide a possible explanation for how an ‘act of focused consciousness’ might achieve healing effects, Dossey invokes a little-known area of physics dealing with what are called ‘nonlocal forces’ or ‘nonlocality’.  The quintessential example of nonlocal forces can be seen in the strange behavior of certain types of energetically paired particles or photons.  The odd but experimentally verified fact is that when you ‘disturb’ one of a set of two ‘spin-aired’ particles, the sister particle always changes its spin in such a way as to suggest that instantaneous communication was received concerning what has happened to it’s companion particle, no matter how far apart the two paired particles may be. . .

The idea of particles seeming to simultaneously ‘know’ what is happening to is paired companion particles has led to the theory of physics that the two particles must somehow be interconnected to so-called nonlocal forces.  These nonlocal forces are invoked to provide an explanation for this strange communication and action at a distance. . .

Since prayer is really an act of consciousness, Dossey argues, it’s likely that the mind itself is capable of healing action at a distance through non-local forces.”

(p. 366).

Whether you think of prayer as an act of consciousness – or an act of communion with God – it has been demonstrated through rigorous medical experiments that prayer, thought and intention have a measurable and powerful effect on healing.

My energies, carried through my thoughts and prayers, fly to all who need healing today.  Thank you for your generous contributions of energies and prayers for the benefit of healing for all.

Albert Einstein said. . .

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

I encountered again this week the following often-quoted selection by Albert Einstein,

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us ‘the universe’, a part limited in time and space.  He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.  This delusion is a kind prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and affection for a few persons nearest to us.  Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening the circle of understanding and compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

The great thinkers of the past and of our current time understand the broad nature of interconnectedness.   Why, then, do people continue to feel themselves to be separate?

Virtual Medicine with Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

My latest read has been a book called Virtual Medicine: A New Dimension in Energy Healing by British Doctor Keith Scott-Mumby. (1999.)

This is another book that both supports and expands upon my ever-growing sense that health and healing have more to do with energy than with any other single force/element.

Scott-Mumby says the following:

“The newest concept in biology is the information field.  Information fields create reality; they put it there and hold it together the way it should be.  Have you ever wondered why a teacup is a teacup?  Why don’t the atoms at the end go wandering off and become, say, a spoon?  The answer is an information field.  When you drink a cup of tea you do so from which, in material terms, is 99.99999999 per cent not there (please don’t count the decimal places, there are dozens I didn’t bother to type). Only the field is real.  Matter, is quantum physics teachers us, is a mere illusion.  It comes out of this ‘void’ or vacuum, whenever we interact with it. . .

It follows that a cancer, a parasite, a virus (or any other disease) is just information fields.  Everything in our life and being is energy and information.  We come from fields in the egg; we go back to field as a corpse. . .

Biological information fields are unbelievably vast in the amount of data which they contain – many orders of magnitude greater than the combined total molecular complexity of our physical substances.  In other words, there is no way that the biological plasma of our bodies could contain enough information to organize and control a living organism.  We need the information field to put us there and hold us in place.  Chemicals cannot ‘think’ and organize other chemicals without some initiating input!  This one fact really does put paid once and for all to the idea of biochemically-based life, as espoused by the current drug-based medical culture.  We exist as regulated and informed energy”. (p. 4).

Whether or not you fully agree with Scott-Mumby’s articulation of his understanding, I think we might agree that it is pretty intriguing.  I subscribe to the belief that we are first and foremost beings of energy.  And I believe that human energy can be and is affected by energies of thought, prayer, intention – and love.

As we continue to send our energies of support for healing to those who need it, I thank you for this very good and very important work.

A Golden Cord

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Valerie Hunt, known for her long history of research and work with human energy fields (based at UCLA) has described her understanding of the healing transaction,

“Hands-on and healing by one’s presence emphasize the transaction between two people, each with an intent – one to become well and the other to serve as a catalyst.  I believe the best healer does not attempt to heal; that belongs to the healee.  But rather, the healer intends to present a positive, enlightened presence to manifest a strong, radiant, complete field to nourish and encourage the ill field to change.  Ideally, the transaction should reinforce the healing response with the desire to heal oneself.  This means that the patient must tap into personal strengths rather than weaknesses. . . The healer must provide a model of vibrant life.  Who and what he is, is as important as his ability to ‘run energy’, select vibrational spectrums, and direct it to the ill areas.  Such is a powerful charge.”

(Infinite Mind:  Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness, p. 267).

Some friends carry on a distance correspondence which could be called  “The Golden Cord”.  We are united by this cord which stretches between us, wherever we are.  When one of us needs support or love, they reach out to the other, who provides it.

I am sure that we are all connected by such a golden cord, that we are both healers and healees in turn, and that our healing work together and individually is creating a pattern of golden cords which unites us all.

Gratitude as Energy

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

In the many books and articles that I have read about the healing process, one thing recurs over and over again – the need for us as healers and receivers of healing (and the two are so very dynamically intertwined) to be daily and deeply grateful.  Grateful for all that we are and all we are able to do.

Gratitude seems to be such a powerful energy, helping to wipe away some of the cynicism and pain that we carry around with us; helping to remind us of all that we are capable of.

The Buddhist teacher, Sharon Salzburg, said this:

“In every moment of our existence, our potential is vast.  Inherent within us is an immense possibility for awareness, courage, dedication, and love.  However, many of us are conditioned to remain in a state of apparent helplessness, convinced that we cannot accomplish what we want.  Our hearts shut down.  We say to ourselves:  ‘I can’t do that, I am not capable of that.  I’m not strong enough.  I don’t have the ability’.  In time, theses beliefs about ourselves solidify into an image of who we are.  And we become bound to the part, to the ways in which we may have failed, and to an inner sense of not being capable.  Sadly, we basically overlook and discredit the power of our own great potential.  We forgot who we truly are.”  (A Heart as Wide as the World, p. 14).

And one thing that we truly are – are healers.  We all have the capacity to support the healing of others.  It has been said that our socialization, including cultural and religious training, have caused us to attribute healing potential to others, but to be afraid to claim it for ourselves.

I encourage you to remember that aspect of who you are, and to continue to send energy and prayers of healing to those that need them, knowing that the impact is real.

Brian Swimme, The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Briane Swimme, who explores how we can understand evolutionary cosmology, has said,

“The true significance of the discovery of the quantum vacuum is the new understanding it provides concerning the reality of the nonvisible.  I say nonvisible rather than invisible, for many things are ‘invisible’ to us and yet are capable of being seen.  Individual atoms are too small for the unassisted human eye to detect but such atoms can be seen if they are magnified sufficiently.  The nonvisible, on the other hand, is that which can never be seen, because it is neither a material thing nor an energy constellation.  In addition, the nonvisible world’s nature differs so radically from the material world that it cannot even be pictured.  It is both nonvisible and nonvisualizable.  Even so, it is profoundly real and profoundly powerful.  The appropriation of the new cosmology depends upon an understanding of the reality and power of the nonvisible and nonmaterial realm.

In contemporary physics and the nonvisible realm is not pictured or given any sort of geometric form.  It is rather depicted mathematically and is referred to with such words as ‘quantum fields’, ‘quantum potential’. . . For simplicity, I want to refer to this nonmaterial realm with a single phrase. . . I use ‘all-nourishing abyss’ as a way of pointing to this mystery at the base of being.  One advantage of this designation is its dual emphasis: the universe’s generative potentiality is indicated with the phrase ‘all-nourishing’, but the universe’s power of infinite absorption is indicated with ‘abyss’.

The universe emerges out of all-nourishing abyss not only fifteen billion years ago but in every moment.  Each instant protons and antiprotons are flashing out of, and are as suddenly absorbed back into, all-nourishing abyss.  All-nourishing abyss then is not a thing, nor a collection of tings, nor even, strictly speaking, a physical place, but rather a power that gives birth and that absorbs existence at a thing’s annihilation.

The foundation of reality of the universe is this unseen ocean of potentiality.  If all the individual things of the universe were to evaporate, one would be left with an infinity of pure generative power.”

(The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos, from p. 97-100).

It is this “pure generative power” that is available to us all for healing on both individual and collective levels.  Every time we consciously choose to do so, (and even when we are unconscious of our thoughts and intentions) we participate in that “all-nourishing abyss”.

May our thoughts, prayers, intentions, energies contribute to healing and transformation.